31 Jan 2013 My five favorite least-used digital camera features
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  1. 1
    ken k 

    On the Sony a 57 and a 65 the picture effect hdrpainting works on a lot
    of scenics-does the hdr well but adds some zing-try it on low and med.

  2. 2
    Val Murray 

    Please—please write a book on the new Sony a6000. This will be my last camera. (I am turning 80) I want this camera to be my best friend. I grew up in my dad’s dark room. It was love at first sight when computers and digital cameras came together. Soon please. You have done so well on the nex 7 and A7/A7r. If I was a little richer I would have gotten the A7 but this is just for my selfish self.

    Thanks a million

  3. 3
    David Busch 

    Sony A6000 book is in the works. Between it and the A7r, I’m not sure which I like best. I love compact cameras!

  4. 4
    Marie Bury 

    My friend gave me your name as she is thrilled with your ebook for her Olympus camera. Do you have one for Pentax K 5 Mark II?

  5. 5
    David Busch 

    Unfortunately, I no longer cover Pentax cameras. I’m glad your friend is enjoying her Olympus camera.


  6. 6
    Jan Viney 

    David will you be putting a manual the new Canon Gx1 Mark11 out in the near future. Love your 7D manual, thanks, Jan

  7. 7
    David Busch 

    My original Powershot GX 1 book sold very few copies, so the publisher won’t authorize a followup version for the new camera. Sorry.


  8. 8

    Hi David. I second the wish for a book on the Sony a6000. Your name was highly recommended by my local camera store. Any idea when it might hit the market?

  9. 9
    David Busch 

    Finishing it up right now!

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